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Need an app that runs seamlessly across iOS as well as Android, but are constrained by budget? The solution is a Hybrid App. At DigitalHuts, a leading mobile app development company we are well-versed in Hybrid App technologies. Our developers use the latest cross-platform technologies like React Native and Flutter and are adept with best-in-class strategies and techniques. Our tailor-made solutions are robust, scalable, and feature-packed. Our apps come with top-quality support, and at competitive rates.


DigitalHuts – an ISO 9001:2015 certified company – provides cutting-edge mobile app development services to transform your idea into a robust reality. Well-versed in the latest technologies, our proficient team offers custom iOS app development services. With a legacy of 16 years, we have crafted numerous iOS apps for start-ups, SMBs, and large enterprises. Reach us for building innovative, highly interactive, and user-friendly mobility solutions that meet your business objectives.

Hybrid App Development in India

Hybrid Apps are a technological blend of JavaScript framework and native solutions. We implement cross-platform functionalities with Native UI to develop high-performing apps that look and feel native. If you’re looking to target both iOS as well as Android markets but are limited by budget constraints, there is no better alternative.

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Popular Technology Stack

We specialize in React Native and Flutter for hybrid app development. Here’s what you can expect from these popular technologies.

React Native

  • This is an open-source framework created and maintained by Meta Platforms.


  • This is an open-source SDK created by Google, written in Dart.
  • React Native makes use of native UI building blocks across both Android and iOS, and combines them with its own JavaScript code. This ensures a seamless native-like app performance that looks and feels the same across both platforms. 
  • It uses the JavaScriptCore engine.Hire React Native developers for stunning cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Since the Dart code is compiled with the C-library of a native ARM machine code, it does not require a JavaScript interpreter or ‘bridge’ to interact with the native components. This makes implementing complex UI animations a breeze, and provides a native-like experience.
  • It has its own high-performing rendering engine Skia. Engage Flutter development services to leverage the benefits
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